In the White Room

March 29, 2016

Sometimes, it takes time to find people who get you. Sometimes, its friends, or colleagues, or fellow artists, or even a stranger. The disconnection of process can be  isolating even painful, but it's a time to create and destroy and reinvent and conjure something beautiful. And then you find someone who gets it and pushes your art to the next wavelength and breathes life into it.... and in that moment you feel understood. 

When I saw these photos, that's I exactly what felt. It was like a dream that I hadn't yet realized....  The model is Hattie Watson, she is an artist, fine art model, and photographer. She just invokes this powerful vulnerability in every photo ( and that striking red hair!).  Photographer, John Moyer was able to achieve this airy melancholy throughout the editorial. I am really drawn to the way he tied all the contrasts together by using this ethereal blue tone. It feels dreamy, moody, and modern all at the same time....

Hattie in our Soma Tank in Cotton Voile and Edie Skirt

Hattie in the Racerback Bodysuit and our Concept Rei Trouser










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