Daydream Nation | Part 3: Marfa, TX

May 06, 2017

Located in the desolate plains of West Texas is a town called Marfa. Known for the iconic Prada Installation designed by Elmgreen and Dragset. Marfa is more than a roadside attraction. It is a town with an uncanny history and a culture rooted in conceptual art.

Marfa feels like a desert island island surrounded by dry earth and withered fields. The neon blushed skies and empty paved streets; there is a beauty in its starkness.

An old gas station converted into the Marfa Contemporary Museum (pictured below)..... Marfa, I had imagined it differently. It was noisier, more populated in my mind's eye. When I arrived, a peaceful feeling came over me. It was sleepy and windy and my senses were amplified. It was a place that wanted me to see differently, to listen closely, to be entranced... 

The Chinati Foundation founded by conceptual artist, Donald Judd. (below) . . . (strange fact: the compound that currently houses many large scale artworks was once a POW camp for German Prisoners in the 1940's.)

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