MORPHOSES : Buckley X ECHO + air

August 01, 2017

Our friend and collaborator, Buckley will be having a solo show at Archipelago Gallery in Portland, Oregon, opening August 12th through September 1st. In addition, to her beautiful sculpture and paintings, Buckley will also be exhibiting the pieces she painted for the Echo and Air Collaboration. 

The show is an extension of her work On Transformation - "Morphoses" / / about the beauty of transition. I am love the fluidity of Buckley's work. I imagine it as how you would illustrate a dream. A dream that is speaking to you in language you can only understand on a core level. It has a message that unifies the physical and transcendental. Being a creative that is interested in these concepts myself, I was instantly drawn into Buckley's world. There were no rules but there is a guided energy. There s something nurturing about her work. I felt a lightness in my being; I felt cared for. It reminded me that creating is not just for purging those inner demons but also a celebration of being alive. 

Here are a few photos from our installation / live painting during the Atmosphere Concept Space - Los Angeles Design Festival. (all photos courtesy of Chudo Nomi).

If you are in the Portland Area this month, check out Buckley's show: 

Archipelago Gallery

3587 NE Prescott St

Portland, OR 97211

She also hosting a privatel meditative dinner - you can get more on tickets here





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