Annex - Rivi

I discovered Rivi's work through a friend of mine. . . . She is a video artist and composer. I went on a late night You Tube binge and watched all of her videos

I was haunted. The imagery, the music, the art direction, it made a strong impression. Even though, it's my natural disposition to be a little shy,  I had to reach out to her and to my surprise, she was so receptive and very kind.

When she sent me this, I was blown away. It was beautiful, ethereal, and emotional. The color palette, the movement; it was all a glimpse into this otherworld. I couldn't help but feel deeply connected to her work, and also reconnected to my own. Of course, it feels amazing to see your designs in a new context, but this was so abstract and it reminded why I love to create.  I look forward to more projects with Rivi. Song by Fifty Grand.

If you are having trouble viewing it, here's the vimeo link 

The Dorian Dress and Pennyroyal Shirt featured.