About Us

Echo & Air is a label based in Los Angeles. Being a California based line, we combine effortless style with conceptual elements. Emphasizing drape and cut, quality fabrics, subtle textures, and modern color palettes, Echo & Air has imagined and materialized a new atmosphere of thoughtful design.
In the spirit of forward thinking, Echo & Air is a brand that looks to the future. We understand the importance of sustaining a local economy, producing small runs of well constructed clothing made only a few miles from our studio. We define sustainability through local manufacturing, eco-conscious textiles, and sound environmental practices.
Jordana Howard is the design director and founder of Echo & Air. She studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. As a designer and artist, it has always been imperative for Jordana to create her own world. Combining her love of storytelling and mythology, her Scandinavian heritage, and a passion for Japanese pattern design, Echo & Air is the material expression of this world.






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